VESIcal Quickstart



See the Installation section for detailed instructions and dependencies.

In general, VESIcal can be accessed and used in a variety of ways. From most flexible (advanced) to least flexible (novice), these are:

Local installation

VESIcal can be installed with pip:

pip install VESIcal

Always use the most up-to-date version of the code:

pip install VESIcal --upgrade


Download the VESIcal source code, create issues, and more.

Peer-reviewed Manuscripts

Instructions on how to cite VESIcal are here

Interactive versions of manuscripts

PDF versions of manuscripts


VESIcal can now be used without needing to install thermoengine!

Without thermoengine installed, MagmaSat (the default model) cannot be used, however all other models, all plotting capability, and the thermo package can be used. Simply make sure you are using version 1.2.0 or higher following the simple installation instructions below. Then be sure to explicitly tell VESIcal which model you want to use (any model other than MagmaSat. See Models in VESIcal for a complete list) by passing model=”some-model-name” when performing a calculation.

For example:

v.calculate_saturation_pressure(sample=<your-sample-here>, model="<some-model-name-here>")

If thermoengine is not installed and you import VESIcal, you will be warned that you won’t be able to use MagmaSat, but everything else will work as expected. Remember that if you do not pass a model name, VESIcal will default to MagmaSat, and an error will be generated telling you that you need to pass a model name.

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