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Accessing the ENKI software ecosystem

Mark S. Ghiorso explains and demonstrates two simple ways to access the ENKI software ecosystem, from which you can run VESIcal: (1) Production server, and (2) local Docker image.

Introduction to running VESIcal on the ENKI server

Updated to reflect changes in v0.9+

Useful files:

Verbose VESIcal Demo #1

Updated to reflect changes in v0.9+

Intro 2: Sat Ps, Dissolved Volatiles, Degassing paths, Isobars

Following on from “Introduction to the ENKI server” this video talks through some simple examples calculating saturation pressures, dissolved volatiles, degassing paths and isobars for individual samples an entire excel spreadsheets.

Useful files:

JupyterLab Examples

NOT yet updated to reflect changes in v0.9+